3 Steps on How to Ask Someone to Prom

It’s time. The knots in your stomach feel tighter than an outstretched bungee cord. Your mouth is dry from the instant anxiety that swarms you when you think of putting yourself out there. The sweat beading off your lip is from fear of rejection. It’s time. It’s prom season, and we are here to help you survive the task at hand.

They drive you crazy. You can’t eat, and you can’t sleep without thoughts of your crush swarming your mind. It’s like they have entered your mind and rearranged your memories and made your crush the focus. Every time you go to school you are entranced in the details of their face or the way the crease in their smile can make their eyes glow.

No matter how hard you try; their presence causes your words to slur and every bit of your judgement fades away. Words don’t form right and the mere fear of having to ask them to prom makes you want to hurl. Fear of rejection only skims the service and doesn’t seem to describe the intensity you feel. Like, love or simple attraction- you can’t describe it. All you know is if you don’t try, seeing someone else take them to prom may just be the end of the world. Take the chance and live with no regrets with these 3 steps for asking someone to prom.

1. Get to know your crush.

First things first, the anticipation is way worse than the actual task at hand. You know there is no one else you could imagine going with, and the overall attraction cripples your day-to-day ability to think clearly. Think beyond the attraction and the overall passion that fuels your crush. It’s time to get to know the details. The things they like or don’t like can be the foundation for which you base your PROMposal.

When you are asking someone to prom, make it personal to who they are. Show them you know them. Show them that you cherish their friendship. Ask them in a way that shows you made an effort to get to know them. Ask them after a big game or at a school event. Show that you are not ashamed of how you feel. Make it fun with a punny message, candy, flowers or get help from their best friend. When you get to know your crush, asking them to the prom gets a little easier.

2. Take your time but not too much of it...

Some debate that asking someone to prom accumulates as much courage as any other obstacle in high school. It is important to take your time when it comes to asking someone to prom. However, you can’t take too much time. Not enough time may lead you to asking the wrong person. While waiting too long means you could miss your chance.

Finding the right middle ground adds its own amount of anxiety to the situation. As if putting yourself in a vulnerable state wasn’t enough. You also have to worry about doing it in a timely manner. Unfair, right? The struggles in high school are real and are often undervalued by the swarm of parents in the world. They all seem to relinquish all those memories into the air to drift away with their old stylistic choices. Social media wasn’t a thing because if it was, we would have much more mullet pictures to blackmail them with.

3. Just ask.

Now is the time. Hopefully, you have done your homework- both figuratively and literally, and you have ensured the time is right and your crush is THE person to go to prom with. Step three for asking someone to prom is the most important. The words are weighted, but the phrase it short. All you have to do is just ask and let fate do the rest. It could be one of the best decisions you make in high school or maybe in your life. Take the chance and make memories along the way.

How you choose to ask someone to prom is completely up to you. As heavy as the words feels on your lips, the question itself is not weighted. It is not held with terms and conditions. It is a heartfelt question filled with passion and desire. Whether you are asking your best friend, your long-term crush or the most popular student in school, the steps are the same, and the question doesn’t change. Will you go to the prom with me...?

Date or no date, prom is your time to shine. What if they say no? Oh, but what if they say yes? It is important to keep the right mentality when it comes to anything in life- especially in high school. High school ends, and people move on. Prom is a memorable time in a person's life. Take a chance and enjoy it with the person that will make it the most special. Taking a chance and asking your crush to prom will only help you in the long run. It is a lesson on how risks can pay off, and when they don’t, life goes on.

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It’s time to make the move. Is the chance you are taking worth it, or will you live with the thought of never knowing? Don’t live with regrets. Just ask. That person might just be the love of your life or your high school sweetheart. Worse case, you will enjoy yourself, make memories and move on. The uncertainty of never asking is way worse than the anticipation of asking. Regardless of the answer you get, you’ll look back and be glad you took the chance. We are here to help with 3 steps for asking someone to prom because you aren’t the first person to wonder how.

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