Flower Wearables for Men


What are flower wearables for men? In layman’s terms, they are flowers that men wear... for special occasions. It is a developing style that is growing the strictly boutonniere world of flower wearables for men into a more creative and stylistic variety.

Flower wearables for men come in all shapes, sizes and forms. How they are worn even varies. Ways women can wear flowers are growing in diversity, as well as popularity, by the minute. Men are joining the flower wearable movement. They are embracing their individuality and expressing their style in a new and freshly bloomed way.

How men choose to wear flower wearables can vary greatly depending on the man’s style and preference. We are here to help narrow down your options, so you can join in on the men flower wearable trends.

Flower Beards

Beards... They grow on you. They become a part of your style and completely change a person’s overall look. Shave the heartache of trying to find your must-ache look for your next event. Flower beards are the answer. All puns aside, flower beards have become a revolutionary option for the bearded men of the world. It opens the door for diverse and budding options.

What are flower beards? Just like how flower wearables are exactly what you expect so are flower beards. Flower beards are composed of different types and designs of flowers designed in the hair of your beard. Flower beards can be as big and bountiful as your facial hair. Flower beards work best with hipster or mountain-man-length beards. However, there are plenty of options.

The reason being is there is more area to work with. Longer beards offer more room to grow... your design. Flowers are inserted into the facial hair to form a design, pattern or accent. Some choose to leave no hair unkempt. Some only choose to place a few single blooms throughout their beard for sheer amusement. The opportunity to grow your design or your beard to meet your design is strictly up to your preference and facial hair growing abilities.

Just as a flower is wild and unique, a beard can be, too. A flower beard allows the wearer to be one with the natural beauty that flowers offer. There are no limits. You could go as large and wild as your beard offers, or you can be tame with just a few pieces of floral. The choice is yours.

More and more people are using the flower beard as a go-to for events, weddings or even festivals. Flower beards are easily styled to fit with a theme or simply the wearer’s personality. This beard frenzy is taking men’s style by storm, and regardless if a flower beard is a trend you are willing to embrace, they are here and bearding to stay.

Fresh Flower Ties and Bow Ties

It’s the 21st century. Styles and trends are constantly being reused and recycled. However, now more than ever, anything and everything applies. It doesn’t matter if you have adopted a more reserved look or a bolder style because your self-expression is important.

This flower trend finds a middle ground for the formal, business type and the hipster embracing free spirit. Flower wearables for men have now evolved into fresh flower ties and fresh flower bow ties. It’s a trend that men from all walks of life can get behind. Men are now able to wear flowers proudly to any formal event in the most sophisticated of ways. Fresh flower ties and fresh flower bow ties can be styled to meet any color palette or overall style.

Just as a florist mixes and matches flowers to create a beautiful bouquet, fresh flower ties and fresh flower bow ties are designed to fit the style you are looking for. Just a few examples include how a fresh flower bow tie can be designed solely out of greenery for a rustic, minimalist style, and for a bolder style, consider an assortment of small, bright blooms arranged into a whimsical selection.

Fresh flower ties are available in similar styles. You can easily order your flower wearable fresh flower tie or fresh flower bow tie to match your date’s event accessories. It pairs for a trendy photo-ready look that will stand out in the crowd. Plus, any sort of flower wearable opens the door to uniqueness. No matter what you choose, no style will be completely alike.

A Twist on the Classics

If the idea of wearing any sort of flower wearable is unbearable, consider where it all started. Some sources date back to the tradition of men wearing flowers to ancient civilizations. They were used to help distinguish different groups from one another.

Among the most classic flower wearables for men is the well-known boutonniere. Traditionally worn on the left lapel, a boutonniere is known for adding class and/or coordinating with a date for an event.

This traditional flower wearable for men takes on many forms. Its most common form is based off a flower with some greenery. The five most traditionally used flowers in a boutonniere are roses, carnations, calla lilies, tulips and filler flowers.

If you or your date like the concept and look of the boutonniere but the traditional style is just not your own, consider some trend-forward options. This could be as simple as different flowers or nonfloral options. Some of these new trends include adding texture with fabrics or nonfloral accents such as pins that add a personal touch relevant to your relationship.

Succulents are another very popular option. The most popular themes using succulents include but are not limited to bohemian, whimsical and even rustic styles. Adding succulents to your boutonniere designs help transition any look to meet the aesthetic or theme you are looking for.

Nontraditional accents such as cotton, herbs and a variety of greenery are easily incorporated to elevate the traditional boutonniere look.

Meeting your style and staying up to date on trends is important to us. Let our florists at Conroy's Flowers Rancho Cucamonga in Rialto, CA help make you or your date’s dream look become a reality. Flower wearables for men are up and coming. If you are ready to dive in, flower beards, fresh flower ties and bow ties or a trendy boutonniere may be exactly what you are looking for.

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